Spend the morning with Sam Adams

A still from Sam Adams: Man on the Go.
(Watch it below).

If you haven’t seen Commissioner Sam Adams’ mayoral campaign video, you should.

I’m not one to regurgitate political propaganda, but I think this video/campaign ad is worth a few minutes of your time (you can watch it below). It’s a great mix of documentary-style filmmaking (I know you’ve been wanting to see Sam shave) and footage of a politician in action.

It shows Sam feeding his chickens, riding his bike into work, calling in to report a pothole (which of course is filled by the end of the video), and features the obligatory inspirational voiceover and endorsements from community leaders and well-known politicians.

Sit back and watch the film that the Willamette Week has called, “the bar by which all other campaign videos this year will be measured”…

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