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What a difference $24 million would make

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

I came across an interesting graphic at a meeting this morning that helped put into perspective how much is at stake in making sure we pass the Safe, Sound, and Green Streets funding proposal.

The proposal — which is currently getting revamped prior to being put on the November ballot — includes (at this point) $24 million to fund 114 miles of low-traffic, “bicycle boulevard” streets.

Just how that money would impact our city is hard to conceptualize until you see the graphic below…

This graphic shows the reach of our current bike boulevard network compared to what we could have with the $24 million that was in the initial version of the Safe, Sound, and Green Streets funding proposal.
Click to enlarge (104K, gif)

Currently, 31% of Portland’s population lives within a half-mile of our existing 30 or so miles of bike boulevards. If we built out that network to 114 miles, a whopping 87% of our population would live within a half-mile of a safe, low-traffic street where bicycles were the preferred mode of travel and people could pedal (and walk) in peace.

Seems like a great investment to me.