A ghost bike and a rally for Austin Miller

Bike safety advocates at a memorial gathering
earlier this evening for Austin Miller.
(Photos: Jim Parsons)

About 15-20 bike safety advocates held a brief rally tonight at the site of yesterday’s fatal bike/bus collision on SW Farmington Road just west of Murray Blvd.

Participants held signs and placed tea lights and flowers at a ghost bike that has been erected for 15 year-old Austin Miller.

A commenter named KTesh left this poem for Austin:

I stood there
in the rain
staring at the sad image
of a bicycle
that marked the tragic end
of a life too short

and fear
that someday
one might mark
where I fell

I cannot stop riding
but I feel the loss
of all those who
were cut down
and pray that
the slaughter
will end

For Austin
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