ODOT maintenance crews paint over Brett Jarolimek memorial

[Updated: 12/7, 10:15am]

This painting of the late Brett Jarolimek
has been covered over by maintenance crews.

I just heard from a reader that maintenance crews (from ODOT) have painted over the stencil of Brett Jarolimek that was on the underpass at the intersection of N. Interstate and Greeley.

This doesn’t come as a complete surprise (after all, it was technically vandalism), but in a way I feel it’s too bad that it could not have been saved.

The good news is that I spoke with the artist who did the stencil and he expressed interest in going through the official process to create an permanent memorial painting at that location.

I hope to bring you news of that when it happens.

NOTE: I initially had the title as “City paints over…” but have now confirmed that it was ODOT maintenance crews who painted over the stencil. Here’s a follow-up story with a response from ODOT.

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