PDOT to close right turns onto Greeley

[Updated 3:05pm, 3:38pm (See report and photos from press conference.)]

Responding to concerns about the intersection at N. Interstate and Greeley where a person riding a bicycle was killed two weeks ago and another cyclist was struck by a car this morning, I just got word from Commissioner Adams’ office that PDOT’s head traffic engineer Rob Burchfield has made the decision to temporarily prohibit cars from turning right on N. Greeley from N. Interstate.

Here’s the official PDOT statement:

“Commissioner Sam Adams and the Portland Office of Transportation are closing the right turn onto Greeley from N. Interstate. Crews are setting up barricades and traffic controls to prohibit a right turn onto Greeley from N. Interstate. This is due to a bicycle collision that occurred there earlier today at this intersection – the second bike collision at this intersection within two weeks. Today’s collision although not fatal was serious.

This closure is indefinite while the Commissioner and PDOT explore other solutions to improve bicycle safety at this intersection.”

I just returned from the mini press conference. Photos and report coming soon…

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