Report: Naked Ride satisfies despite premature pull-out

Mob scene at the start of the Naked Bike Ride. View the slideshow below or check out the photo gallery. (File photo)

Last night’s World Naked Bike Ride was completely off the hook. There were more riders, more nudity, and more craziness than I’ve ever seen.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a global event. Now add to that the excitement of Pedalpalooza (it started Thursday), hundreds of your closest (and naked) friends, and a pre-ride Dance Party that set the tone for the night and you’ll begin to get a sense of just how awesome it was.

(File photo)

Many people used the free body paints at the party to write things like “Boobs not bombs!” and “My other bike is jealous” on their exposed skin.

People were so excited to get riding (and get naked) that they pulled out from the party prematurely. Masses of riders set off over the Hawthorne Bridge while others still partied away. This meant there was not one, but two huge mobs of naked people on bikes in downtown Portland last night!

Fortunately the two groups connected back up for the final bomb down Burnside…but not before looping and rolling through the entire city.

Along the way, we thrilled innocent club-goers with our audacity, smiles, and private parts. Everyone from frat boys to these repsectable looking sailors had fun just watching us go by.

(File photo)

Others weren’t satisfied just watching and you could see them hurriedly stuffing their clothes into their backpacks, eager to join the thonged throngs.

One girl I talked to just pulled into the group after work and was so excited she started taking clothes off while she rode (I encouraged her to pull over to safely disrobe).

I’m off to check out the Grant Petersen Ride. For more nakedness, check out my photo gallery from last night, or view the slideshow below. There’s also a report on the ride on Indymedia.

Created with Paul’s flickrSLiDR.

Were you there? Was it as good for you as it was for me? Did anyone hear of a final head count?

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