A "bicycle barometer" in Portland?

I was included in an email forward today that linked to an interesting device called a “bicycle barometer” recently installed in Italy.

The story and photos were posted to a website that covers urban transport and mobility in Europe.

Bicycle barometer installed in Bolzano, Italy.
Photo: ELTIS

The device displays the number of cyclists passing by (each way) and was modeled after similar ones in Norway, Denmark, and Stockholm.

Here’s more info (excuse the translation):

“The main goal of the action is getting people aware (and surprised) how many cyclists are actually passing through this measurement point. This will lead to a better identification with the bike mobility in the city as a system and getting people to cycle more.”

One of the folks in the email I received said:

“I think it would be great “art” project for the Hawthorne bridge. You could have a running total for cars, bikes, and peds. It could be a ‘race’ per day to see which mode tops it. The local news / weather crews could then report on it when they also mention the peak hour gridlock at [name you favourite choke point].”

So far no one has found a price, but it sure would be neat to have one of these in Portland. Don’t you think some streets/bridges would have more bikes than cars?

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