Chicago’s Mr. Bike hopes to learn from Portland

Dave "Mr. Bike" Glowacz
[“Mr. Bike” Dave Glowacz]

Dave Glowacz is the Director of Education for the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, one of the largest bike advocacy groups in the country. He’s also known as “Mr. Bike,” and author of the well-known book, Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips.

Around two years ago, he read about the Community Cycling Center’s Create-a-Commuter program in a bike industry magazine and has been interested in it ever since. Glowacz connected with several of Portland’s bike-eratti at the recent Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference in Madison Wisconsin and he’s currently on week-long fact-finding mission in Portland to learn more about the program.

Dave is particularly interested in figuring out if the CCC’s program could be used to get more of Chicago’s indigent population on bikes. He knows the need exists but there’s just no formal program to fill it.

I don’t know about Chicago, but here in Portland much of our indigent/homeless (just what is the PC term these days?) population already have bikes. Remember these guys?

Dave’s been getting a crash-course in Portland’s bike scene by staying with CCC program manager Gabe Graff, Transportation Options and Women on Bikes’ Janis McDonald and Alta Planning’s Mia Birk.

I bumped into Dave last night and asked him how it’s going. He seemed very pleased, if not a bit overwhelmed by everything. “I’m just sucking it all in,” he said.

If you see Dave riding around on his Dahon folder, be sure to give him a warm welcome…and don’t forget to check out his great book. I’m sure he’d even sign it for you if you ask nicely.

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