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First look at Electra’s new “Amsterdam” bike

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I usually wouldn’t post about a bike that has no connection to Portland and that I haven’t even ridden yet…but the new “Amsterdam” bike from Electra could make a serious run at being the perfect Portland bicycle. I’m also excited about this bike because it’s looks to be the first time a euro-stylish city bike has been offered by a major U.S. company.

Here’s the exclusive photo (it’s not even on their website yet):

[Electra’s new “Amsterdam” series.
It also comes in black (which I prefer) and a
ladies version with step-through frame.]

As you may have realized from some of my previous posts, I have a major love-affair with Dutch-style city bikes. They’re just so dang simple, elegant, well-made, and I can’t help but think of all the cool Dutch people that ride around with them (sans helmet) on cobblestone streets with their healthy, bright-eyed kids hanging from the top-tube.

If only Wal-Mart and Target were selling these instead of the plastic toys they call bicycles, maybe more Americans would take bikes seriously.

Can’t you see these doing well here in Portland? After all, our elected officials, bike community leaders, and city bureaucrats seem to have a thing for Amsterdam.

Cool features of this bike include:

Our local Bike Gallery stores are Electra dealers and I’ve asked owner Jay Graves to keep us posted when he’s got them in stock (you might recall that Jay was in an Electra ad a few months ago).

No word on price yet, but it will be much less than importing something from Holland!