All is well at the Clown House

Albert Clown House

Despite some scary and somber times last October, I’m happy to report that bikey shenanigans and mayhem are alive and well at the Alberta Clown House. Last night was the first warm and dry Last Thursday celebration of the year and the Clowns and all their friends took full advantage.

The Mud Pit of Doom was oozing perfectly and claimed many victims during the mini-bike races. There was a tall-bike pie jousting match and Dingo and his family even debuted their very own concession stand…just like a real circus!

The party really got going as night fell and the tall-bike jousts became the center of attention. As I left (with Eleni asleep in my arms), Revphil was encouraging chants of “kill, kill, kill!” from the blood-thirsty crowd.

[Insano the Clown looking determined.]

I was also excited to see more art work from Clown House resident Tiago (a.k.a. Pinga da Clown). Tiago painted this amazing, Sprockette-inspired piece and if I had the money I would have bought it on the spot. He showed me the front room of the house that they are hoping to make into a permanent art gallery, open to the public.

Check out the rest of my photos from last night’s Clown House action.

[I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this beautiful, white “Takara” mini-bike.]

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