Six officers get certified in bicycle crash investigation

Six Portland Police officers from the Traffic Division recently underwent a comprehensive, 40-hour pedestrian and bicycle crash investigation course offered by the Institute of Police and Technology Management (IPTM) in Jacksonville Florida.

According to IPTM literature, the course addressed the special dynamics involved in pedestrian and bicycle traffic crashes. From reaction times to victim injury analysis to environmental factors. In addition to classroom instruction, the officers participated in staged crash situations that gave them hands-on experience.

According to Traffic Division Commander Bill Sinnott:

“This is a big deal, because these officers are now considered experts in this type of work. To have six of them on our team is a tremendous asset to our department and to the community.”

I think it’s great the Police Bureau has made this investment in their officers and I hope it means we’ll see an increase in the number of serious-injury bicycle crashes that actually get investigated. The problem is that these investigations don’t always happen because they are very resource-intensive and strain the already thin ranks of the Traffic Division.

Let’s all just hope these guys never get a chance to use their training.

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