Traffic Division appointment will impact cyclists

Right now the Chief of Police and Mayor Tom Potter are working to find a new Commander of the Traffic Division to replace the retiring Bill Sinnott. Bill was an ally to the bike community and we need to make sure his successor is just as open and willing to work with us.

This position has a big impact on our experience as cyclists. The Traffic Division writes 82% of this city’s tickets and they’re also the ones that show up to Critical Mass and work permitted events like bike parades. We need the new commander to be on our side. Just take a look at some of the stuff Bill did for the bike community during his tenure:

The BTA has written a letter to Mayor Potter and CC’d it to Chief Foxworth and City Council. I urge you to drop them an email and let them know how important this position is to the bike community. Here’s the contact info you’ll need:

Police Chief Foxworth

Mayor Tom Potter
Phone: 503-823-4120

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