Zoobomb Christmas not so merry

Last Sunday’s Christmas Zoobomb became tense when a motorist tried to pass the riders on a curvy downhill section of road.

According to reports on the Zoobomb forum and Shift email list a gold Toyota Camry attempted to pass the Zoobombers on the left on a dangerous section of the road. When the car was slowed down and eventually stopped by a concerned cyclist, the car “bumped” the bike in a “deliberate act of aggression”, knocking the rider to the ground.

Tempers flared (a mini bike was slammed on the hood), cops were called, and despite witnesses and what seems like a blatant act of road rage, the Zoobombers are left with nothing but a story to tell.

I don’t know all the angles yet and I’m sure more details will surface but it seems to me like the driver should have at least been cited for reckless driving. It just goes to show that cyclists have to fight tooth and nail for equal treatment when stuff like this goes down. I’m curious what some of the local bike lawyers say about this.

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