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The Monday Roundup: How to save cities from cars, Sea Otter goodies, family biking, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most notable items our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

How-to guide for our future: Results of new research that screened nearly 800 peer-reviewed reports and studies to find the top 12 ways to reduce car use in cities, found the best methods are to introduce a congestion charge and create carfree streets and separated bike lanes.

Houses for people, not cars: This article about how to make housing cheaper to build in Portland says one of the key methods is to improve biking and transit.

How green are e-cars? Streetsblog looks at a new study that shows electric car purchase incentives might actually lead to more emissions when they are used primarily by wealthier people who don’t drive their e-cars enough to outweigh emissions from their primary gas-guzzler.

Don’t plan about it, be about it: A group in Los Angeles is so frustrated with that city’s lack of implementation of its Mobility Plan they are pushing for a citywide referendum that would require city government to build it out more quickly.

Sea Otter goodies: Sea Otter, recently held in Monterey, California, has become one of the biggest product launch events of the year. Check out this sampling of the cool goodies that caught the eyes of

E-bike incentives: California bike advocates have $10 million burning a hole in their pocket for a new e-bike purchase voucher program that will be aimed at reducing car trips and increasing mobility for low-income residents.


New carfree bridge: If you’re looking for a new adventure this summer, check out the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail in eastern Washington which now boasts a carfree bridge over the Columbia River.

The e-bike revolution continues: One bike industry insider says the rise of e-bikes and fall of retail bike shops might actually impact the quality of bikes being sold by encouraging direct-to-consumer brands to invest in higher-quality parts that need a lot less maintenance.

E-cargo family bikes: A trend seen in Portland for years is also being noticed in New York City and the NY Times says “the smallest New Yorkers have joined the pandemic biking surge.”

More ‘Idaho Stops’: Colorado has become the ninth state to allow bicycle users to slow — but not completely stop — at stop signs. Their “safety stop” bill also allows bike riders to treat red signals as stop signs.

Frog Ferry flops: The dream of Willamette River ferry service between Vancouver and OMSI is all but dead after Portland City Council voted against ongoing funding for the Frog Ferry project and an ugly financial dispute with TriMet hit the headlines.

Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week!