The Monday Roundup: Black women heroines, GoPro vigilante, fake bike commutes, and more

Happy Monday everyone.

This week’s Roundup is brought to you by Nossa Familia Coffee, who reminds you that a portion of the sale of every pound of their Full Cycle roast goes right back into our community.

Here are the most noteworthy items our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

Just accept it: I think Portland could learn from this clever, five-stages-of-grief framing of the imminent shift away from car-centered cities.

Resiliency: The colossal breakdown of major driving corridors due to last week’s severe winter storms is Exhibit A on how fragile a transportation system is when it’s based almost entirely on moving single-occupancy vehicles.

Confronting cycling’s whiteness: Learn about the transformative work of Brazil’s Lívia Suarez, whose Casa de Frida has become not just a welcome space for Black and brown bike riders, but the hub of an influential movement that’s helping make biking better in her hometown.

Metro on climate: Don’t miss this breakdown of what City Observatory’s Joe Cortright calls Metro’s “failing” climate strategy, which claims the agency need to act much differently if they plan to cut emissions in a significant way.

Filmed by bike activism: The Guardian has a closer look at a British man who has used a helmet-mounted camera to report over 1,000 drivers to the police for a variety of infractions.


Metro council candidate: Ashton Simpson earned coverage in the Willamette Week where he shared his frustrations over what he sees as inequitable investment in east Portland that continues to lead to too many deaths and injuries.

The Great EV Imbalance: A Portland-based writer points out in this Wired article that the current financial incentives for e-bikes aren’t nearly robust enough — and shares some delicious quotes about why our heavy focus on EV-cars is very flawed.

$216 million for bike plan: The Italian city of Milan hired a Dutch consulting team to create a bike plan that will spend big to reach 20% cycling mode share by 2035.

Fake it till you make it: The Washington Post extols the virtues of a “fake” bike commute to help with your mental and physical health in our working-from-home era.

Influence of social media: An event that asked would-be participants about their social media reach spurred veteran racer Geoff Kabush to question the cycling industry’s allegiance to influencers.

Tesla tunnel snafu: A must-read breakdown of how Elon Musk’s tunnel loop in Las Vegas broke down with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Thanks to everyone who sent us links!

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