The Monday Roundup: ‘From gridlock to greatness’, Apple iBike, cycling through grief, and more

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most notable items that our editors and readers came across in the past seven days…

Oregon’s transportation opportunity: The Street Trust Executive Director Sarah Iannarone deftly lays out ODOT’s current freeway-building follies and shares a plan for how to spend the influx of federal funds that will take us “from gridlock to greatness”.

Where things stand in Oregon: A must-read, front page story in The Oregonian makes it clear that Oregon’s transportation status quo of freeway expansions and investments in more driving capacity isn’t nearly enough to reach our climate change goals.

You get an e-bike! And you get e-bike!: Feels like each week the clamor for more e-bike adoption grows louder, now a NY Times opinion writer is pushing the idea that if we really want to fight climate change, everyone should be given a free e-bike. And making this piece even stronger is that it was picked up by MSNBC and featured in a segment on All In with Chris Hayes!

Cycling through grief: A wonderful essay from a woman who rediscovered biking in mid-life and then realized that pedaling helped her deal with the loss of her mother.

Gamify low-car life: We love some good transportation demand management, so I was so happy to see the success of this “Beat the Street” campaign in London that got people to stop driving so much.


A “deadly myth”: David Zipper is back in The Atlantic with a vital myth-busting article that implores DOTs and other safety orgs to drop the false “94% of all crashes are caused by human error” mantra.

Major movie news: Hollywood is poised to finally recognize the amazing life of bicycle racing pioneer Major Taylor, a Black man who dominated the track in the Jim Crow era. Adding to this exciting news is that 10-time national champion Rahsaan Bahati will be a consultant on the film.

EV-cars are boring: With news that Apple is producing an electric car, this commentator says a much more exciting — and revolutionary — prospect would be an ebike… I mean, an iBike.

Birth-by-bike: A member of New Zealand’s parliament went into labor and rode her bike to the hospital just hours before giving birth.

Start planning now: This is a good time of year to plan your summer bike adventures. With that in mind, here’s an inspiring update on new additions to the US Bicycle Route System.

Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week. We appreciate you!

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