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The Monday Roundup: Fox News hypocrisy, Fear and Loaming, better Google Maps, and more

Welcome to the first day of November.

Let’s get things started with a hand-picked collection of the most notable items our editors and readers came across in the past seven days…

News from the cycle path: BBC Correspondent Anna Holligan has made the news for how she delivers the news (from the seat of her bicycle).

Rolling coal: “It takes a huge dose of hatred to escalate violence from behind the dash of a three-ton truck,” says this reporter in a solid summary of the sad and sickening coal-rolling phenomenon.

Fear and Loaming: Don’t miss this excellent Oregon Field Guide episode on the volunteer trail builders behind an exciting new mountain-biking trail just northwest of Forest Grove.

Better Google Maps: Heat maps and facility-type are among the four items on this wishlist for making Google Maps better for bicycle users.


Fast and loose with regulations: Discussions over the policy implications of fast e-bikes should hasten our shift toward road designs that have less space for cars and more space for everything else.

Eastside Bike Club: A southern California town builds community by coming together for bike rides and the BBC took note.

Portland politicians take note: Former leader of New York City’s DOT details examples from around the world where leaders faced backlash for bold bicycling decisions, but ultimately won support after the changes proved popular.

E-bike tax credit is back: The latest version of the White House budget deal includes the e-bike tax credit (at its original rate of 30%!) championed by Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer and e-bike lovers nationwide.

Video of the Week: Watch how the Daily Show points out the hypocrisy of Fox News in how they treat people who block traffic while protesting:

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