The Monday Roundup: E-bikes for kids, greenway stimulus, Portland’s unbuilt freeways, and more

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most notable items BikePortland editors and readers came across in the past seven days.

Transgender awareness boost: Pro bike racer Ian Boswell won a big gravel race Saturday and used the attention to raise awareness about discriminatory laws and other perils faced by transgender people.

Bike riders are like everyone else: People who ride bikes have different riding styles and they choose different types of vehicles and sometimes they disagree with each other about how fast they should go.

An e-bike for kids: You knew it was just a matter of time before kids bikes got the same battery-powered, electric assist option as adults.

What’s going on in DC?: Bookmark this excellent summary from Streetsblog about the federal transportation infrastructure funding plans.

Greenway stimulus: As the Biden Administration dangles billions over infrastructure funding, greenway advocates want to make sure their carfree corridors aren’t left by the side of the road.


I’ll have what London is having: Cycling is up in London thanks in part to a close partnership between city transportation planners and a major bike retailer who offers discounts for completion of a safety course.

Carmakers don’t care about you: A report from Europe details the craven concern trolling from a carmaker lobby that’s using women’s safety as a ruse to avoid tougher emission regulations.

WTH NYC?: The latest debate in New York is over licenses and helmets because a state senator almost killed someone with his car — and NYC Mayor de Blasio thinks it merits consideration.

House people, not cars: This CityLab piece on the “high cost of wide streets” offers important perspective for fights over how best to use them.

Video of the Week: An engrossing documentary about Portland’s unbuilt freeways.

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