The Monday Roundup: MTB miracle cure, Big Battery, killer culture, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most notable items BikePortland readers and editors came across in the past seven days…

Anti-bike AMS: Bicycle users in Amsterdam are protesting because of concerns that city planners are prioritizing pedestrians.

Mountain biking is the cure: Everything about this NY Times article about the renaissance of mountain biking in the U.S. makes me very happy except the fact that Portland has still not improved cycling access in Forest Park.

Get it right, journos! A major media authority in the U.K. has released a set of “road collision reporting guidelines” that instructs journalists to use “crash” not “accident” and ascribe agency in their reporting.

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Rest day in peace, Robert: Robert Marchand, who held world records for riding well into his 100s, died in France at age 109.

America’s love affair with cars: The Biden Administration is just the latest Democrat in the White House to espouse their unrestrained love of cars and the auto industry. This time it comes in the form of electric vehicle boosterism.

Big Battery: And as we march down the EV road let’s keep our eyes wide open to the fact that current battery technology has its own environmental consequences.


Monumental advocacy effort: America’s Bicycle Lobby stepped up big time to pressure the Federal Highway Administration to get with the program and revamp its main street design rulebook to reflect modern demands.

Killer culture: A contributor to Outside compares people who kill bike riders to mass shooters and says he feels safer rock climbing in Yosemite than cycling in his neighborhood.

Triumphant transit tips: Better technology is just one of things the U.S. government should invest much more in if we want mass transit to have a massive impact on our future.

House humans not cars: If you’re new here (or if you need a refresher), you should definitely read this primer on how parking minimums kill cities.

Freeways are over: Feels like we’ve reached some sort of collective moment when Governing magazine runs a piece about induced demand and the “common sense” that widening freeways is a terrible idea.

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