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The Monday Roundup: Paris poo-poos petrol, California’s freeway pause, coal roller justice, and more

This week’s Monday Roundup is sponsored by Portland Cycling Worlds, the exciting effort to bring the UCI World Championships to Portland! Wear their new jersey to support the bid.

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most notable items BikePortland readers and editors came across in the past seven days…

Paris plans for people, not petrol: The latest sign of transformation on the streets of Paris came via an announcement this week that Mayor Anne Hidalgo has a plan to reduce car traffic through the city center by as much as 55%.

Clarion call for Columbia crossing competence: Former Metro President David Bragdon makes the case that the “very same techniques of bamboozlement” by the very same actors are once again at play with the Interstate Bridge Replacement project (a.k.a. CRC 2.0).

If California can do it: In what’s being hailed as a major momentum boost for freeway fighters in Portland, California’s DOT leader has called for a pause on a $6 billion freeway expansion project.


As go women, so goes cycling: Streetsblog breaks down new research on how the share of women who cycle in a city is a key signifier of how many people cycle overall.

Down with coal rollers: The EPA has filed a 12-count criminal indictment against a car and truck customization shop in Ridgefield, Washington (about 17 miles north of Portland) that has allegedly made illegal changes to vehicle emissions systems to allow for exhaust to belch out of tailpipes in what’s known as “rolling coal.”

Zine library on wheels: Portland author and illustrator Sarah Mirk is building a book bike that she plans to lend out to zine makers to peddle their wares. Mirk will use one of the book bikes from Portland-based Icicle Tricycle that we profiled back in January.

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