The Monday Roundup: Tokyo’s ‘High Line’, Bikes mean business, no cops needed, and more

Welcome to the week.

These are the most noteworthy items our community came across in the past seven days…

Fear anywhere is a threat to safety everywhere: An absolute must-read from Jay Pitter on the need for larger advocacy coalitions and why cycling infrastructure is just one small part of truly safe(r) streets and public spaces.

Give us 82nd Ave please: KGW has a story on House Bill 2744, which would hasten jurisdictional transfer of “orphan highways” like 82nd Avenue away from ODOT and into local control.

E-bikes for clunkers: France has launched national program that gives people the opportunity to trade in their used, gas-guzzler cars and gives them a grant to buy an electric bike.

Tokyo freeway to become a park: A major expressway in Tokyo will be decommissioned and turned into an elevated linear park similar to New York City’s High Line.

State of play for Biden infra bill: Bloomberg has a great overview of where things stand on the Biden Administration’s attempt to re-think transportation investments.


2030 ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) ban in WA: The Washington state legislature has passed a bill that would ban sales of gasoline-fueled vehicles by 2030; but only if a new tax on vehicle miles traveled (to make up for lost gas tax revenue) gets passed too.

Las Vegas cycling crackdown: Las Vegas Police Department officers rolled up on what appeared to be a large group bicycle ride and physically and verbally assaulted participants.

Never go back: City governments should never go back to the pre-pandemic status quo on our streets that gave too much space to drivers and their cars says former NYC DOT commish Janette Sadik-Khan author Seth Solomonow.

Bikes mean business: New research published in Transport Reviews journal says that according a review of 23 studies, adding active transportation infrastructure near businesses generally has a positive economic impact, “regardless of whether vehicular parking or travel lanes are removed or reduced to make room.”

No cops needed: Author and law professor Sarah Seo helps us understand how we can do traffic enforcement without police and why we need to do it now. Seo also got an opinion published by the NY Times calling for an end to traffic police.

Video of the Week: Filmmaker Jeff Kendall-Weed visited Portland and put together this fantastic video of the people and trails that make Rocky Point such a fun place to ride:

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