Black Liberation Ride Photo Gallery

(All photos by Ebony Hall.)

By all accounts, Friday’s Black Liberation Ride (held on Juneteenth) was a beautiful gathering of Black, Indigenous and people of color from all over the region who came together to support each other and the movement for racial justice.

We had local photographer Ebony Hall in the crowd to capture some of the people who made it such a special day.

Here’s what she saw:

This ride was organized by Jené Etheridge and Stephen Marea. They’ve created a new Instagram account @MobilizeTheMovement so you can stay updated about future rides.

As for the unfortunate incidents of vehicular violence that marred this event, the organizers said, “Although this was a bittersweet ending to the ride, we’d like to encourage folks to stay vigilant, take space on the roads, and know your rights. We hope to see you all on the road again soon.”

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