Need inspiration to keep riding? Our readers have you covered

It hasn’t been easy — but in many ways it’s been thrilling.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

This morning on Twitter we asked our friends if they were still riding through the snow and ice. It was great to see all the responses. People shared photos and tips about how they fared.

Here are some of those replies:

@PPBBikeTheft: Count us too! 😀Of course every is a wonderful day for a ride!

@FunaCycleCraft: SE Mill heading east, #FatBikesWithStuds out to NE 132nd.

@Erinneaceus: Studded tires on fixie ftw. Didn’t actually have to go anywhere but took a spin this morning anyway.

@KevinCPrentice: It was her absolute most favorite ride. She loved the snow!

@pdx_scott: Spring water 9:00am… Crunchy snow no problem with Clement Crusade PDX tires.


@zacconklin: Cut through gateway greens earlier. Nice soft snow, hardly any tracks through there already beautiful morning to throw it in the little ring and take it easy

@ridewithgps: Best commute in a long time

@purdyk: It was a little slow and a lot slippy, but I had fun!

@rithykhut:Went from Gladstone to Division along 32nd and it was okay on the snow, terrifying on the refrozen ice 😬. Really need to make bike blvd plow routes.

banerjek: Icy and bumpy but enjoyable due to quiet and fresh air. The few drivers, cyclists, and peds were all using their heads and playing well together. As such, the commute was probably safer than normal.

@pyszkam: Good ride through NE early this morning. Some bike lanes just snow, most others covered with ice chunks from plows. Roads had ruts and were icy, but no problem with studs. Had to take the lane but traffic was light.

We hope these provide some inspiration — if not entertainment while you wait out another snow day.

Have fun out there!

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— Jonathan Maus: (503) 706-8804, @jonathan_maus on Twitter and

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