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Weekend Event Guide: Blazers, a bike show, ride for pickles, cyclocross, and more!

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Let’s fill the bike parking at the Moda Center again! Join us for the game on Sunday!
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Hi Portland. Has this been a completely fucked-up week or what?!

Hang out with nice people and talk about bikes at Velo Cult’s “Velo Cirque”.

Sorry for the strong language; but America is freaking out right now and I am too. As President-elect Trump and President Obama trade handshakes and shit-eating grins in the Oval Office, there are huge anti-Trump protests happening all over the country, widespread fear and anxiety, and some people feel so emboldened by their leader’s victory they’re assaulting innocent people because of how they look.


A nice bike ride might be a great thing to do this weekend if you can manage it.

Here at BikePortland we’ll continue to do what we’ve done since 2005: document bike culture, give you information and inspiration you need to ride, offer a space to have your voice heard, help you plug into the cycling scene, hold powerful people and agencies accountable, and so on. Keep in mind you might notice a sharper and more aggressive tone from me because I’m sick of what’s been going on — on many different levels. A lot of things are broken and need to be fixed and I’m going to do what I can to help with that.

For now, we present to you a list of fun, bike-related things to do. As you know, the simple act of riding a bike can do wonders for your mind and body, so hopefully you have the time to grab some friends and turn pedals together this weekend.

Saturday, November 12th

Velo Cirque: A Modern and Vintage Custom Bike Show – 10:00 am ride, then show is 3:00 to 8:00 at Velo Cult (1969 NE 42nd)
Velo Cult is hosting a new event that will bring together bike builders, collectors, and the people who love them. Saturday will be a classic and vintage theme and will begin with a ride at 10:00 am followed by coffee and beer (and maybe a sandwich). The show will start at 3:00 and go until 8:00. It’s $5 to get in unless you bring an “old school & cool” classic or vintage bike. All genres welcome! More info here.

Sunday, November 13th

Cross Crusade #8 (Finale) – All day at Barton County Park (19298 SE Barton Park Rd)
The Crusade will end on Sunday, but the memories of a great season will last forever. Barton is a classic course that features a big run-up, lots of gravel, and some challenging descents. Fight for those final points and rankings and come bask in the glory as a racer or spectator. More info here.

National Pickle Day Ride – 10:00 am at Woodstock Park (SE 47th and Steele)
Portland Wheelmen Touring Club ride leader Benn will show you the gorgeous rural roads of East Multnomah county — maybe even a pickle farm! — on this 32-mile ride. Expect a social pace, a stop at a bagel joint in Gresham, and other fun times. More info here


Sunrise Corridor Bike & Walk – 1:00 – 3:00 pm at The Missing Link Bicycle Shop (10999 Southeast Main St in Milwaukie)
Join Puddlecycle for a ride to Mt. Talbert Nature Park via the newly constructed Sunrise Corridor biking and walking paths. Ride will be about 10 miles long. More info here.

Velo Cirque: A Modern and Vintage Custom Bike Show – 3:00 to 8:00 pm (1969 NE 42nd)
Velo Cult is hosting a new event that will bring together bike builders, collectors, and the people who love them. Sunday is the Modern Custom Frame Show. Organizers say you can show any type of bike to, as long as it was made by a fully-custom builder who’s currently taking orders. More info here.

Blazer Bike Night/Transportation Night – 6:00 pm at the Moda Center
It’s Transportation Night at the Moda Center and we’re going to make sure that walking and rolling are front-and-center. Join us and our friends from the Community Cycling Center for a very special night. Get your special discounted tickets here. You can also choose to meet up with Oregon Walks for the Rip City Walk which leaves from a few blocks away. Go Blazers! More info here.

Did we miss anything? If so, give it a shout out in the comments.

For more fun events, including great stuff next week and beyond, visit our full events calendar.

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