Portland Auto Show entertains their customers with… Bikes!

Custom-built bike ramps at the Portland Auto Show.
(Photos: The Lumberyard Bike Park)

When the biking-est city in America hosts a big auto show, it should come as no surprise that bikes find their way into the mix. Such is the case with the Portland Auto Show, the big motoring to-do happening now through Sunday at the Oregon Convention Center — a location bordered by a streetcar line, a light rail line, and bike paths.


Amid the bevy of attractions at this year’s show that includes a rock-climbing wall, celebrity appearances, and a “kid zone”; Portland’s indoor bike park The Lumberyard has set up shop. Or in their words, they’ve “invaded” the auto show.

The Lumberyard has erected several ramps and jumps and invited pro riders to come in and infiltrate this bastion of car culture.

Pros like Paddy Gross, Levi Weert, Jamie Goldman, Ben Hucke and Steven Bafus will be doing regular demos through the weekend and there’s even a little skills course where kids can test their bike handling.

These kids have a different idea of “getting behind the wheel”…

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