BikePortland is 10 years old. Let’s have a party!


Can you believe we’ve survived for 10 years?

Michael and I recording our subscription
promo video a few nights ago.
(Photo by Guthrie Straw)

A full decade of your comments, crazy stories, controversies, tragedies, triumphs, rides, meetings… It has been one hell of a journey.

As of this morning we’ve published 11,281 Front Page stories and 307,136 comments. That’s a lot of memories!

We have so much to celebrate. Thanks in large part to your recent outpouring of support (we’re up to $16,000 and counting!), I am relieved and excited to say that BikePortland has never been stronger.

To look back at our amazing decade and start the next decade off on the right foot, please help us celebrate.

Roll on over to Velo Cult (1969 NE 42nd) on October 2nd for our 10th birthday bash.


We’ll have a cake, food, wonderful drinks of all kinds, live music, a prize raffle, a speech or two, and a whole lot more. Bring your best and worst BikePortland memories. In the spirit of how we do things around here, everyone will be welcome to step up to the mic and share their thoughts and perspectives about our little blog.

Name tags will be provided if you want to share your username in hopes of meeting your dearly beloved comment-friends.

Oh, and what’s this I hear about a new subscription program? Show up, learn all about it, and then sign-up to help us keep BikePortland strong for another 10 years.

You are all such a huge part of what we do that I couldn’t imagine marking this milestone without you.

Hope to see you on the 2nd!

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