Industry Ticker: Cielo (by Chris King) brings in notable builders to help meet demand

Well-respected bicycle makers Jeremy Sycip (left) and Curtis Inglis (right) are lending at hand to help meet demand at Portland-based Cielo.
(Photo: Chris King Precision Components)

I’m not shy about my love of Cielo, the bike brand made right here in Portland by Chris King Precision Components. I love Cielo not only because I ride one myself and it’s named after my favorite old hometown road, but because it represents the largest bike manufacturing company in Portland.

Chris King Precision Components in the northwest Industrial area has over 130 employees and is growing every month. Their hubs, headsets, wheels, and Cielo frames/forks/stems are being shipped all over the world and the company is a model for environmentally conscious, domestic manufacturing.


So I was stoked to hear this great news from them today:

Cielo is facing one of the best hurdles we could hope for, an explosion of demand. Around the globe we’ve seen riders requesting our frames, and the growth of our Racer series has been exceptional. Our Road Racer and Road Racer Disc have taken our production floor by storm, and to meet that demand we’ve brought in a couple of helping hands.

For this week, Curtis Inglis will be brazing and Jeremy Sycip will be TIG welding in addition to our already incredible staff to help us meet this increased demand. Cielo is known in part for the fast turnaround times and this increase in production will allow us to continue those extraordinary delivery windows.

Inglis and Sycip are successful bike builders in their own right. To have them up here in Portland, building bikes for Cielo is a testament to them and to us.

Way to go Cielo crew!

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