Great tweets from the 2013 World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW)

Something new this year: we’re using Storify, an embeddable social media aggregator, to round up some of our favorite social media chatter about Saturday’s naked ride — including a few from other WNBRS around the world.

Check below the fold for a selection of tweets, videos and photos from the event.

Best tweets from the 2013 World Naked Bike Ride

We’re trying something new this year: using Storify to round up some of our favorite social media chatter about last night’s big ride – including a few from around the world. Check it out.

  1. Ready to roll. #wnbr
  2. Soooooo many naked people!! Ahhhhhh!!! #lookatyourownrisk #me #nakedbikeridepdx #wnbr
  3. marching band. #wnbr
  4. – World Naked Bike Ride opening procession by LoveBomb Go-Go Marching Band! #wnbr
  5. #WNBR2013 #wnbr
  6. Representing at Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride last night. #nakedbikeride #wnbr #portland…
  7. I really loved this LOVE bike #WNBR
  8. World Naked Bike Ride, Mexico: 2000 people, 18 pictures at #WNBR
  9. Pics from the London World Naked Bike Ride #WNBR…
  10. And then the naked bike ride happened. @ChiCritMass: 70* Great weather in Chicago for a bike ride. #WNBR #bikeCHI
  11. Tweeting from my professional Twitter account about the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland = Oops. #WNBR
  12. I decided not to do the #WNBR. With the bike world and my professional world so overlapped, decided it might make future meetings awkward.
  13. The sub-cultural peacocking that is World Naked Bike Ride is possibly THE most ineffective advocacy on the planet. Hearts & minds lost #wnbr
  14. World Naked Bike Ride is citizens giggling at a sub-culture. No winning of hearts & minds. Not selling a mainstreaming of cycling. #wnbr
  15. Watched naked bike ride from the car. BAD PORTLANDER. Much more fun to participate. A tandem is in our future! #wnbr
  16. World Naked Bike Ride. Thousands of naked bikers. Oh Portland, I love you. #wnbr #pdx @ Burnside Street
  17. Just saw #WNBR in PDX. Didn’t spot @maccoinnich or other pals but any night where a man tells me “take that dick out” is a win.
  18. Not digging this glow stick as cock ring phenomenon. #wnbr
  19. You may be on the #wnbr, but I’m taking foot baths and giving pedicures with my wife. #winning
  20. Halfway through. Queueing up after a stop at the park. #wnbr #wnbr2013
  21. I took a bike ride with a lot of nice people last night. #wnbr
  22. Thanks a billion @PdxWnbr for yet another amazing experience! If only every day was @SundayParkways and every night a #wnbr
  23. Slept through the whole thing #wnbr

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