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Jeff Mandel’s latest: Stylish, custom, and classy bike touring boots

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Jeff Mandel, shoemaker.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Remember Jeff Mandel? He’s a local leather artisan and master shoemaker based in southeast Portland who also loves to ride bikes. Back when he came onto the scene in 2008 we shared his handmade leather saddles and a pair of his bike shoes. Jeff is still going at it, refining his skills and making beautiful shoes that are purpose-built for pedaling.

I thought you’d appreciate his latest creation: A pair of SPD-compatible boots made for bicycle touring.

Mandel made these boots specifically for a client who requested he use a type of leather known as Cordovan. The client also requested the clipless pedal cleats. “He didn’t want them too stiff such that walking would be difficult or too soft such that the pedals pushed into the boots,” Jeff notes on his blog.

If you’ve been very good this year, maybe Santa will bring you a pair! (Oh, and they’re not cheap, but if price is an object you’re probably not an ideal customer.) Learn more about Jeff and his amazing work at