Regional projects awarded over $16 million in federal grants

The Tonquin Trail was awarded over $5 million.

Last week the Portland Bike Sharing Project stole the limelight as Metro’s Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) voted on a package of projects to receive the 2014-15 allocation of federal “regional flexible funding“.

As per a hard-fought compromise, 75% of the $23 million in project funding was targeted for active transportation projects (freight got the other 25%) throughout the metro region.

The total amount was about $16.5 million. So, what other projects made the cut? Below is a breakdown:

Washington County

Hillsboro Regional Center: Oak and Baseline (Grant amount: $500,000 – Total: $557,227)
This project will put two key thoroughfares in downtown Hillsboro on a road diet. Oak and Baseline from 1st to 10th Avenue will be re-configured from two standard lanes in one direction to two lanes. The project will focus on calming traffic and improving access for people biking and walking. “A road diet on Baseline and Oak Streets would make these streets safer, multimodal, and pedestrian-oriented,” reads the project description. The grant is for planning and development of the project, not construction.

West Fork of the Tonquin Trail-Cedar Creek Greenway Trail (Grant: $5,112,000 – Total: $5,697,091)
This project will design and build a major portion of the west fork of the Tonquin Trail in Sherwood that will result in, “a major multi-modal travel corridor within Sherwood connecting sections of the City currently separated and without adequate pedestrian connections.” More info

City of Portland

East Portland Active Transportation to Transit (Grant: $3,373,000 million – Total: $3,759,055)
This grant will fund about nine miles of new bikeways in east Portland including bikeways on arterials like Division and Holgate as well as neighborhood greenways. More info.

Portland Bike Sharing Project (Grant: $2,000,000 – Total cost: $2,228,909)
This grant will fund the start-up costs of the Portland Bike Sharing system. PBOT is still hammering out final details — which we’ll learn more about once they’ve drafted a request for proposals — but Portland’s bike sharing system is likely to include around 750 bikes and 74 kiosks. The system will be focused mostly on the downtown core and the central city. More info.

SE Foster Road Safety Enhancement and Streetscape Project (50th-84th) (Grant: $1,250,000 – Total: $1,393,068)
This project will include a host of improvements aimed at making SE Foster Road (a major arterial) safer and more vibrant. The project includes money for new crossings, bus stop investments, bike parking, public art, signal upgrades and more.

East Multnomah County

Arata Road Improvements (Grant: $1,669,000 – Total: $1,860,025)
This project will construct, “sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting, landscaping and drainage improvements on the south side of Arata Road between NE Wood Village Boulevard and NE 238th Avenue. It will also enhance a 500-foot long multi-modal path within a portion of unimproved County right of way (ROW) that connects Arata Rd. with Halsey St. to the north.

Clackamas County

17th Avenue Multi-use Trail (Grant: $2,969,000 – Total: $3,308,815)
This exciting project will construct a multi-use trail on the west side of SE 17th Avenue in the City of Milwaukie between Harrison Street at Hwy 99E and Ochoco Street. The MUP will connect two major pathways — the Trolley Trail (nearly complete) and the Springwater Corridor.

We’ll share more about all these projects as they get closer to breaking ground. You can learn more about each of them in this Metro document (PDF).

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