The Monday Roundup

Here’s the bike news that caught my eye in the past week:

– In Toronto, a thousand people turned out on bikes to protest the planned removal of a bike lane on a major street.

– Los Angeles has passed a law that makes it illegal to physically or verbally harass anyone who is riding a bike.

– Also in LA, they’re still reeling from the non-catastrophic, even pleasant, street conditions during “Carmageddon.” Meanwhile, the city’s bike lanes are often blocked by trash cans. And there have been an unusually large number of fatal crashes involving bikes.

– It looks like federal funding for bike programs may stay in the transportation bill after all.

Copenhagen’s bike industry is worth the equivalent of about 200 million US dollars.

– A survey of what’s going on for bicycle transportation in Miami, from city-led initiatives to grassroots bike fun.

– In Norfolk, Virginia, they’re getting ready to add a bunch of bike lanes, and the mayor is stoked.

– San Francisco’s transit agency’s new head is a guy who actually uses transit — and rides a bike, too.

– The observation that people riding bicycles in a wobbly and erratic manner have a traffic calming effect, making roads safer.

– It’s like the punchline of a joke — a road rage altercation ended with the person on the bike calling an ambulance so the person driving the car could get to the hospital to give birth.

Thinking about traveling with a folding bike? Here are some solid tips, from taking it on the plane to avoiding bruises.

– And finally, a plea in these serious times to remember that biking used to be all about fun. (Maybe the author was thinking about this bike made of sausage.)

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