Citizen activist releases “Boatload of Questions” CRC video

Citizen uber-activist and professional animator Spencer Boomhower has released a thoughtful new video on the Columbia River Crossing Project. You might remember Boomhower as the guy who created the Idaho Stop Law animation that spread nationwide and has since been viewed over 44,000 times.

Boomhower says he put out his latest video on the CRC project because he wanted people to know more about the project in advance of a crucial vote for Metro President. One candidate in that race, Tom Hughes, supports the project. The other, Bob Stacey, opposes it (the two were separated by only a few percentage points in the primary).

In the ten minute video (watch it below), Boomhower puts the costs ($3.6 billion according to project staff and over twice that much according to a recent analysis) and scope of the project into easily understandable, visual terms. He also takes a look at the significant savings that would come from some alternative proposals and asks, “Can we think outside the box?”. “We can’t afford not to,” is his answer.

Boomhower presented a similar video at the recent CRC Alternatives Panel hosted by Metro Councilor Robert Liberty, but the video below has been significantly updated.

This video is highly recommended for everyone that lives in Oregon and Washington…

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