PBOT: Broadway/Williams bike signal coming next week

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation has just announced details on their project to make the notoriously dangerous Broadway/Williams intersection safer for bike traffic.

PBOT’s solution revolves around a new, bike-only traffic signal. Learn more about the City’s plans in our report last month. The new signal and lane re-striping is slated for installation by next week. Read the press release from PBOT below for more details:

New Bike signal at N Broadway, Williams is part of traffic redesign
A remodeled traffic signal that includes a bicycle-only signal display at the intersection N Broadway and N Williams is scheduled to be turned on next week. The new signal is part of a long-planned improvement of the intersection that is being implemented along with the installation of streetcar tracks.
The general public should pay close attention to the new signals, signs and lane markings and be aware of fellow travelers in the vicinity of the intersection, which is adjacent to an on-ramp for Interstate 5.
The Broadway/Williams redesign includes the following lane configuration, from north to south: a bike lane next to the curb, two right-turn only lanes for traffic heading to N Williams and I-5, and two through lanes for traffic continuing through the intersection and toward the Broadway Bridge and N Interstate. Broadway is a one-way, westbound street in this area.
The new traffic signal for bicyclists provides signal control that separates the through movement of bicycles from the heavy right-turn movement of vehicles. It will  eliminate conflicts between motorists and cyclists and improve overall safety. It is important for motorists to note that right turns are not permitted when the right turn signals are red.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation will likely activate the new signal on Tuesday, October 12, or Wednesday, October 13, depending on the weather.

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