The Monday Roundup

Here’s some of the news that caught our eye this week:

– Portland’s newest light rail line — the Green Line MAX — began operating between downtown Portland and Clackamas this weekend.

– More local leaders are looking to reduce the scope and funding of the Columbia River Crossing project.

– Road taxes and congestion pricing remains politically difficult, even as it looks like a majority of Americans would be willing to pay for a shorter commute according to a new survey.

– A new study has found that when a striped bike lane is present, people allow less space between their car and a bicycle when passing.

– A faction in the European parliament proposes that one Euro out of 10 of urban infrastructure spending go to cycling.

– An environmental research organization has published its findings that link oil companies Chevron and Total to human rights violations in Myanmar.

– The NY Times has an analysis of some of the factors — particularly fear of abduction — that play into parents’ decision to drive their kids to school, sometimes over very short distances.

– Dutch road users are urged to “drive with your heart” as children return to school, primarily by bike.

– Oregon gubernatorial candidate Allen Alley walked 400 miles across Oregon in 37 days to promote his campaign (not all at once — he was ferried back and forth each walking day by aides). He claims the trek earned him a 10 lb weight loss and “broke down social barriers” in a way that driving between communities would not have done.

– Every Friday in London, novices can gather for a guided bike commuting lesson from a suburb to the city center.

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– A Portland man who badly injured a blind man on foot in a drunken hit and run crash is working hard — and apparently effectively — to make amends.

– On the BTA blog, a photo survey of some of the ways that Oregon employers have found to provide bike parking to employees.

– Chicago police have released a training video educating officers about bicycling issues and telling them that “bikes belong.”

– Despite recent livable streets improvements, New York City is still plagued with crushing pedestrian traffic in many areas, according to Streetsblog.

– Dubai has unveiled its new $7.6 billion rail system.

– The latest ill-informed “get off the road” editorial comes from an unlikely source close to home — the Sellwood Bee.

– A Eugene Register-Guard op-ed extols the possibilities of ethanol made from apples.

– Cool new inventions of the week: Dahon’s folding bike “cigarette lighter” style USB charger; and the expanding Kilobike concept for growing kids.

And a straw poll for you faithful roundup readers — there’s always some news that gets the axe. The focus is always on transportation — but what would you like to see more of? Climate change? Public health? Land use? Bike industry news? Bike news, period? Let us know in the comments. And as always, feel free to add your own links and discuss any of these and more.

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