Pedalpalooza is coming, are you ready?

Cirque du Cycling-30.jpg
You never know what you’ll
see during Pedalpalooza.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Shift’s eighth annual Pedalpalooza is shaping up fast. A quick browse at the ever-expanding ride calendar (178 events posted as of today!) and you’ll realize that this year’s 17-day fest will once again raise the bike fun bar to unprecedented heights.

This year, the entire BikePortland team will be out on the rides, bringing you daily reports, photos, videos and all the info you’ll need to be a well-informed Pedalpalooza-er. We’ve covered the event since 2005, and this year, local burrito purveyor Laughing Planet Cafe has stepped up to help sponsor our coverage. What that means to you (besides knowing they are helping support our work), is… free burritos!

Throughout this year’s Pedalpalooza, we’ll pass out 40 special tickets good for a free burrito at Laughing Planet. All you have to do is to get out there. Volunteer, lead a ride, dress up yourself or your bike, and we’ll find you.

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Pedalpalooza is an all-grassroots phenomenon that encourages off-beat ride ideas with the sole purpose of spreading bike fun awareness. From parades to parties, nakedness to wonkiness, and everything in between, there’s simply nothing like it. Check out a few of the rides already on the schedule:

Jesus Cycle Procession
Resurrect your own, personal Jesus as we ride through the night prepared to pay for (and indulge in) the sins of humanity. Come as your favorite savior: Carpenter Jesus, Baby Jesus, post-resurrection Zombie Jesus or choose the ever popular create-your-own Jesus. We’ll cruise the town and share our blessings with an establishment or two. Too righteous for you? Cast off your burdens with some unholy bike porn at 8:45. We’ll stock up on sin and then pick up where we left off.

Homeless Hotspots Bike Tour
Ever wondered how the other half lives? Ever wonder what life would be like without mortgage, rent, or address? Well, wonder NO more! Ride starts with free lunch. Mix and mingle with the nicest peeps you’ve ever met. Git edukated. And, don’t snicker. You could be next.

Roll past Sisters of the Road to grab the yellow book. Drop by Street Roots to learn how to panhandle, without really trying. Visit PDX Rescue Mission to learn where to drop your head without getting busted for illegal sitting and laying. Then, hop MAX to Dignity Village. Bring some cash, like maybe ten clams.

Public Art Ride
A lunchtime (bring your lunch we’ll stop and eat) art ride focussing on public art though we might include one or two galleries for a quick view of a piece or two. We’ll casually ride from one piece to another and learn about the public art that is in our beautiful town. We’ll keep it near Downtown and the Pearl so you worker types can stay close to the job.

Carg-OFF! Cargo Bicycle Event
Cargo bikes are so 2009! Let us unite! Bring your ‘feits, xtracycle or homemade contraption and prepare to HAUL! Newton will be scratching his head wondering how you bend the laws of physics, time and space. Think scavenger hunt/ultimate quad workout & max-out the capacities of your cargo bike. All ages are welcome! After party tbd!

Bowie vs. Prince Mobile Dance Party
The second annual Bowie Vs. Prince ride. Last year, we had more than 300 people and the party went until nearly sunrise! Bicycle dance party on wheels. Loud stereo system and 80’s dance music. Come dressed as your favorite 80’s Pop star and we’ll cruise and dance at locations all over town. Slow pace with frequent dancin’ stops. Bring lights. This ride is not a loop and will probably go very late.

Dancing in Pioneer Square on
the Mobile Mystery Dance Party
ride in 2006.

And that is just a very small sampling. And remember, there are all types of rides planned (even family-friendly!). There is really something for everyone during Pedalpalooza! Check out the full calendar on the Shift website.

Stay posted for an upcoming, all-bike issue of the Portland Mercury for your copy of the official Pedalpalooza calendar and keep it tuned right here for more Pedalpalooza action than you can handle.

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