PBOT confirms last year’s record low traffic crash, fatality numbers

more bike boxes springing up-3.jpg
Mayor Adams credits bike boxes
as one reason for record numbers
(Photo © J. Maus)

Back in January, we reported that Portland had potentially had a record low number of traffic fatalities in 2008.

PBOT has now made it official — we have never had fewer traffic fatalities in any year since they began keeping track in 1925.

In 2008, 20 people died in traffic crashes. Fifteen were in cars and five were on foot. For the fifth time in the past ten years, there were no bicycle-related fatalities.

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PBOT released the official numbers today and Mayor Adams’ office sent out an email this morning announcing the record and giving considerable credit to the city’s Safer Routes to School program and its 2007 installation of bike boxes as examples of the city’s efforts to make its streets safer.

Adams’ office cites transportation budget cuts currently being deliberated as an area of major concern for continuing to improve traffic safety.

You can download the city’s 2008 Fatality Summary here.

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