Trucks now rolling with side underrun guards

A City of Portland tanker truck with new side underrun guard.
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(Photos © J. Maus)

A bike safety initiative kicked off back in March within the City of Portland’s Bureau of Maintenance is starting to manifest on the streets.

A closer look.

While pedaling home the other day, I spotted a side underrun guard installed on a large tanker truck.

The guards are meant to help prevent someone on a bicycle from being swept beneath a truck in the event of a “right-hook” collision (there is no guard on the left-hand side). Safety is also improved by the bright yellow striping and green stickers (with white bike symbol) on the guards that reads, “Do you see me? Can I see you?”

These new underrun guards make good on a resolution passed by mayor-elect Sam Adams back in December in the wake of two fatal “right hook” crashes last year.

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