Pedalpalooza update: Police on bikes and speed dating

pedalpalooza police ride-8.jpg
Members of the SE Bicycle Patrol Unit
shared their ninja bike riding secrets
with an appreciative crowd.
(Photos © J. Maus)

The last few days really kicked the fun up a notch here in Portland.

Pedalpalooza is now in full swing and the events are coming faster than I can keep up with.

Here are some brief reports and photos from two events that happened on Friday:

Police on Bikes

Officer Pickett showing
how it’s done.
Watch him in action below!

Three Southeast Bicycle Patrol officers came to share their secret expert tips on patrolling by bike.

Officer Robert Pickett (“PoPo”) gave a presentation that included some fancy bike moves and he explained why bike patrols are such a great tool for community policing.

After his presentation, we were able to test out our own maneuvering skills on a series of coned-off courses Pickett had laid out.

Here are a few more photos:

And check out this short video clip of PoPo in action:

Bicycle Speed Dating

Bike-dating is fun.

The first singles event in Pedalpalooza history was a great success. Around 40 well-dressed single cyclists showed up to Colonel Summers Park to see if they could make a love connection (or maybe just find a friend).

led the event. He had the men (there were a few more guys than gals) form a circle and the ladies were on the outside. After everyone paired up, they chatted for a few minutes and then the ladies would rotate to the next guy.

It was the first bike event in Portland where I smelled perfume and cologne! Not sure if any magic happened but by all the smiles and laughing I think everyone had fun and given the crowd, I bet we’ll see more singles events in the future. A few more photos below:

After the Speed Dating, all the first dates rolled over to Bike Porn.

Check out all the latest photos in the 2008 Pedalpalooza Photo Gallery.

More coverage to come…

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