Kids of b.i.k.e. plan big Earth Day bash

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of rides and events happening this Earth Day weekend. Most of the action happens on Saturday, but there’s an event on Sunday that you might not have heard of yet — a ride and rally to benefit b.i.k.e..

b.i.k.e. stands for Bicycles and Ideas for Kids Empowerment, a local non-profit group that works to get at-risk youths off the streets and onto bikes. With their fearless leader (and jazz aficionado) John Benanate at the helm, the group is making exciting in-roads and reaching kids that most bike groups just pedal right by.

A few of the kids of b.i.k.e., with John Benanate (in the van with glasses).

To help raise money for their programs (I hope to bring you a more in-depth story about what they’re up to soon), Benanate has organized an Earth Day Ride and Rally for this Sunday (4/20).

12 year-old De’Shaun Lee is one
of b.i.k.e.’s rising track stars.

The event — which is a partnership of b.i.k.e. and Portland State University and is sponsored by Whole Foods and River City Bicycles — will include a pre-ride pancake feast, live jazz music (that is sure to impress), and speeches by Transportation Commissioner Sam Adams and Commisisoner Dan Saltzman (who oversees the city’s Office of Sustainable Development).

Sounds like an event worth checking out. Get out there to support the planet and some really great kids! Register online at

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