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Fatal bus/bike crash in Beaverton

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward file photo.
(© Jonathan Maus)

A man 15 year-old Beaverton boy lost his life today in a collision with a TriMet bus on Farmington road, just west of Murray Blvd (Google map).

From reports, it seems like the collision occurred as the bus, going westbound on Farmington, crossed over the bike lane prior to pulling over for a stop. View the intersection below:

Red arrow shows approximate location of collision.

Here’s more from the Oregonian:

“Few details have emerged from the scene. Sgt. Paul Wandell, a Beaverton Police spokesman, said it is unclear whether the bus hit the cyclist, who was described as a “young adult male.”

There is a bike lane on Farmington Road, but it remains unclear if the cyclist was using the lane at the time of the collision, Wandell said. The cyclist, who was wearing a helmet, died at the scene, he said.”

The victim’s name has not been released. Beaverton Police are interviewing witnesses, passengers on the bus, and the driver as part of their ongoing investigation

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