Updated: Motorhome bike guy needs our help

Who will ever forget this guy? Not me. After my post a few weeks ago, I was amazed at how many people remembered seeing him. Readers chimed in from all over the country to say how impressed they were with the moxie and ingenuity behind this man and machine.

Well it turns out that Ryan (they man behind this amazing bike) needs our help. A reader contacted me with this follow-up information:

The designer/dweller’s name is Ryan Brian. The bike is indeed a fascinating and well-designed machine, but it’s got a couple of problems after many years on the road, and Ryan Brian could use a little bit of help from his bike-tinker bretheren in Portland.

Some of the styrofoam roofing-insulation panels in his roof have begun taking on water and are starting to house some fungus. If anybody has these kind of blue styrofoam panels lying around dry, Ryan Brian could really use them.

His front wheel is a mag wheel from a Puch moped with internal brake. He’s got plans to eventually replace it with a home-
built mag wheel; I’m sure he’s got an excellent design, but he’s a little bit low on parts at the moment, and meanwhile the bearings are starting to fail. He was asking me where he might find moped parts in Portland — I had no idea. But if anybody has
a moped front wheel lying around, or thinks they have replacement bearings for such a wheel, Ryan Brian might be able to use those parts.

He’s got ambitious plans to build another such “ship” — this one is his third! — but he’s low on scratch and materials.

Although his machine is impressively well-designed, he says it’s showing its age and he’s not sure whether to repair or replace at this point. Nevertheless, it’s his home for the winter.

He said he doesn’t need much in the way of bike parts, but most of all any aluminum extrusion anybody can donate would be most welcome.

Most of all, Ryan Brian wants us to know that he designs and builds excellent bike ships, bike trailers, and other large bike cargo machines! If you were thinking of employing an iconoclastic engineer in that area, I’d suggest you talk to him! He will be based near 20th and SE Ankeney for a while, as he’s house-sitting for a friend who lives on that block. Drop by and say hi.

*Update: Another reader says Brian wants to build these bikes for others, and also build cargo versions for messengers and other interested parties. If anyone would like to contact Brian directly, please drop me a line at jonathan[at]bikeportland[dot]org.

Let’s help keep this guy rolling strong for many more years!

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