Cycle-Pak founder dies while riding home from work

[Mike Wilberding in May 2006]

I received a sad email yesterday. It was from a reporter, looking for someone to interview about the death of Mike Wilberding last Saturday in Beaverton.

I had to double-take at the name, but quickly realized it was the same Mike behind Cycle-Pak, one of my first advertisers here on

At 6:22pm August 1st, Mike was riding home from work going eastbound on SW Fifth Street in Beaverton when an oncoming car turned left in front of him. The driver said the sun was in his eyes and that he never even saw him. The police have cited the vehicle for failure to yield to a bicycle.

Mike was taken to OHSU and passed away Saturday from the injuries. He was 58.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Mike’s company, Cycle-Pak was just getting off the ground. He had exhibited at the Seattle Bike Expo and was trying to grow awareness for his nifty corrugated bike shipping boxes here in Portland.

I met him at the Free Geek Bike Swap Meet back in May. I was working on an article about him and his company and he was going to send me some background information for the story.

The reporter that informed me of the tragic news is hoping to write a story about the crash in tomorrow’s Valley Times newspaper. If you knew Mike, he would like to interview you. Please contact Kevin Harden at (503) 546-0736 or email him at kharden[at]commnewspapers[dot]com.

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