Portland has a transgender biking club

Screengrab of article in Portland Monthly.

Screengrab of article in Portland Monthly.

Portland Monthly magazine has the story of a new riding club in Portland: Transgender Riders United.

Here their lede:

When Quinn Lindstrom moved to Portland six months ago, she quickly fell in love with cycling, and began to seek out a group that shared her passion. But although there are more than 10 bike clubs within the city and countless others around Oregon, Lindstrom, a transgender woman, struggled to find one that felt like a good fit. She eventually decided to start her own group, Transgender Riders United (TRU), where trans folk of all genders could cycle together without judgment.

The article has a Q & A with Lindstrom that includes how the group was supported from the get-go by Gladys Bikes owner Leah Benson. The group’s first ride was earlier this month.


Here’s the group’s description on Facebook:

Welcome to the official TRU (Transgender Riders United) Facebook group! Based in Portland, OR, this is a group for any and all under the “transgender” terminology umbrella to congregate, share, and cultivate their passion for cycling. While allies are welcome in this space, this is primarily a safe space, built by, and for, transgender folk in the Portland area.

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 –

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