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2016 Bridge Pedal open thread

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Portland from the Marquam Bridge. Great views of downtown on a pretty day. Picture by Jeremy Kitchen.

Did you ride Bridge Pedal? The weather was perfect, and I saw lots of families having a great time riding and enjoying the views.

Pauline Petersen on a unicycle at the 2016 Bridge Pedal; picture by Sara Elcano.

Things I noticed:


“Advisory speed” signs are set at 25mph. I’m taking that as a nod from ODOT to cyclists. (the signs appear ‘broken’ because cameras don’t have persistence of vision). Pic by Ted Timmons.

My highlights included:

What did you notice? What were your highlights? Do you have thoughts on the tennis-ball golfers or the new fence on the Fremont Bridge?

Here are some more photos, then it’d be great to hear from you in the comments.

Mass of riders waiting for the full length of 405 to open. Next stop: Marquam! Photo by Jeremy Kitchen.
Heavy car traffic on I-5 South seen from the Failing St. Bridge; Fremont Bridge was closed to southbound traffic. Pic by Ted Timmons.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42