Join us for a citywide urban adventure game on July 16

If you and a few family or friends are looking for a fun, lightly competitive and prize-bespeckled outdoor adventure next Saturday, we’ve got you covered.

It’ll take a team of 3 to 4. You’ll bike through Portland’s east side in search of honor, some sweet bike swag and a glorious summer day in the city.

For this event, you’ll be taking the role of a salmon on a do-or-die quest to find the headwaters of your birth. Dodge predators, solve puzzles and work as a team to complete physical challenges, then join us for a free drink afterward. Prizes will include a Brooks saddle, Ortlieb bags, Nutcase helmets, Kryptonite locks and other great stuff courtesy of these great donors and our friends at Clever Cycles.

Show up at Clever Cycles, 900 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 16. We’ll wrap up the program at the finish line by 4 p.m.


Bring your bike, your wits and some water. You don’t need to show up with a full team, but if a whole 3-4 person team preregisters (create a team name on the Eventbrite ticket page and get 2-3 friends to join it) you’ll each get a $5 rebate at the door and your team will also get an Eagle Pass.

Trust us, your team will want to have an Eagle Pass.

This game is volunteer-run. It’s being produced by BikePortland and Clever Cycles as part of the nationwide Brompton Urban Challenge, and ticket sales go to benefit BikePortland. If you’ve got a folding bike, bring it! If not, the team at Clever Cycles will loan you one.

This won’t be nearly as elaborate as Portland Afoot’s 2013 murder mystery adventure, Who Whacked Ms. Faire LeSquare? (we learned our lesson, albeit gloriously) but it’ll be informed by the things we learned there. And BikePortland subscribers will get an extra $10 back at the door — just let us know when you get there and we’ll find you on the list.

Tickets are $25, and you can also invite friends using our Facebook event. Come on down.

— Michael Andersen, (503) 333-7824 –

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