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Job: Inside Sales Consultant – Bike Friday

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Job Title *
Inside Sales Consultant

Company/Organization *
Bike Friday / Green Gear Cycling

Job Description *
Bike Friday is the leading high-end custom folding and travel bike manufacturer celebrating 21 years of creating lifetime relationships with cyclists worldwide through direct and dealer sales. Our mission: To build a better tomorrow by offering individual solutions for transportation, personal oil independence and health. We are committed to be a Made in USA company.

Located in Eugene, we are a small family owned company looking for the right person to join our sales/consulting team.

Here is what our dream candidate for this position will be like:

1. Your first passion/ hobby is sales/consulting. You love to help people find what they want and need in a product you believe in by creating a relationship built on your knowledge, insight and honesty. You have proven trackable sales by telephone, email, and in person.

2. Your second hobby/passion is cycling. You have a variety of cycling experiences and understand the soulful, personal growth impact cycling can have on an individual, and the unique connection cyclists develop with their bicycles.

3. You understand the components on a bicycle, the differences,
and the benefits of each, and can help design groups that will deliver the ultimate performance for any cycling need.

4.You are a really nice person with a sense of humor, a service attitude, and work well in a team setting.

5. You are internally driven toward setting and accomplishing goals.

6. You are comfortable with a computer and database dealing with lots of detail information and keep good notes.

If this is you, send us your resume and include a cover letter explaining your attraction to the position and describing an example of your recent success in sales. This is a salary, bonus (commissions), and full benefits position.

Bike Friday profit sharing, 401K, health insurance with vision, vacation time, covered bike parking, shower facilities, discount on bike parts, paid holidays, shop privileges & family friendly. And, you get to build yourself a personal bike on the company’s dime. Bike Friday loves diversity & encourages all interested, qualifying parties to inquire.

This position is located in Eugene, Oregon.

How to Apply *
Please fill out our Bike Friday Job application found here
Then Email, fax or mail it with your Resume and Cover Letter to:

Bike Friday
3364 W. 11th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97404
FAX (541)687-0403