Emily ‘six kids and no car’ Finch’s cargo bike stolen

Emily Finch, a southeast Portland mom of six who doesn’t drive a car, has had her beloved cargo bike stolen. Finch was the subject of a BikePortland profile in June 2012. The story turned Finch into something of a media sensation, as her story traveled all around the globe, landed her a spot on a daytime TV talk show in Los Angeles, and more.

Now, the bike that transformed her life in more ways than one is gone.

Finch parked the bike in the side yard of her home in Ladd’s Addition last night. Unfortunately, she left the keys in the bike (it’s a bakfiets that has a keyed-entry rear wheel lock)… it was gone when she went outside this morning. UPDATE: Finch has just posted to Twitter that she has found the keys she thought were in her bike. She didn’t leave it unlocked after all.

The Finch Family

Keep your eyes peeled for this distinctive bike. The photo above was taken three weeks ago and is pretty much what the bike looked like when it was stolen (except for the firewood). One feature that should set it apart is the “Follow-Me Tandem” attachment on the rear rack. Oh, and Emily said it still had something in the front cargo bin: “My bike was full of squash. If you see a trail of acorn and butternut squash you’re getting close.”

If you see this bike, please contact us and we’ll connect you to Emily and the authorities.

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