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Video of thief on SE Hawthorne shows why cable locks are no good

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It takes just two minutes for this thief to decide to steal the bike, then snip it with a pair of small bolt cutters.

Reader Drew Hicks wants help finding the brazen thief that stole his bike last week. Fortunately for Drew, he’s got clear video of the theft thanks to cameras positioned on SE Hawthorne and 9th. The video was taken by cameras installed by Clever Cycles.

In the video, you can see the thief walk by the bike, survey it closely, then kneel down, snip the cable lock, and ride off into the night. (The man talking in the video is Clever Cycles co-owner Todd Fahrner.)

We’ve tried to spread word about the futility of cable locks many times here on BikePortland; but this video might be the most persuasive argument yet. Keep your eyes peeled for Drew’s bike and please use a U-lock!

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