Portland Streetcar Inc. releases “When I Ride” safety video

Still from “When I Ride” video.
– Watch it below-

With the big grand opening of the new eastside/central city loop extension of the streetcar being this weekend, Portland Streetcar Inc. (PSI) has just unveiled a new safety video.

The video features (and is narrated by) Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) Advocacy Director Gerik Kranksy; but it doesn’t just focus on bicycling. Titled, “When I Ride,” the video is made for all road users, from skateboarders to walkers and even drivers.

Here’s more from a statement released by PSI:

“The video was a collaboration of transportation and safety advocates who wanted to tell Portlanders how to not only navigate around rail tracks safely, but to also become more aware of their surroundings as they navigate the city by foot, in a car, on bike and using transit….You’ll see many situations on city streets presented in an easy-to-understand way and learn what we think is the safest way to get around.”

And here’s what the BTA says about it:

“The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has been working with Portland Streetcar Inc. to help raise awareness about how to ride bikes safely when sharing the road with streetcar. We were happy to partner with them to produce the following video discussing safe riding, driving, and interaction with streetcar rails.

Much of the discussion in Portland on streetcar tracks and bikes centers around crashes and challenges. We need to find a way to coexist safely. Part of our ongoing efforts include education and outreach like this video, but as a city we must also commit to building and maintaining a network of bike routes that prioritizes bike access and safety. The examples of safety concerns on the Broadway Bridge and NE 7th serve as a reminder that while we must deal with choke points we should also be investing in additional bike facilities that reduce the conflicts.”

One of the highlights for me was the unveiling of the new phrase “Portland Pivot” to describe the two-stage left turns that are recommended instead of veering left over streetcar tracks. I think that has a better ring to it than “Copenhagen Left”. Overall, this is a very well-done and high-quality piece of work.

Check it out below…

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