Your daily dose of awesome (in e-assist cargo bike form)

Check out the image below from local business owner Joel Grover. Joel is the man behind Splendid Cycles, a cargo bike specialty shop on SE Belmont. His work vehicle is a Bullitt cargo bike powered by an electric-assist unit made in Portland by Ecospeed. Joel also uses a custom-made trailer by yet another Portland bike company, Black Oak Fabrications.

Grover’s trailer is loaded with a few Bullitts that have just arrived via air freight from Copenhagen. He posted the photo to his shop’s Facebook page with the following:

“One Bullitt pulling four Bullitt’s! The Ecospeed electric assist system makes this possible. I can cover more ground on the back streets of Portland with a little help. And at 6-7 cents to re-charge the battery, the MPG equivalent is in the hundreds!”

Local business flourishing with an assist (literally) from another local business — and all on two wheels.

Our friend Tad from EcoSpeed also sent along this great video with more action shots of the Ecospeed Bullitt:

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